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Johnny Depp Impersonators
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Have you ever dressed up as any of Johnny Depp's characters? Or as the man himself? Do you have pictures of this? Post them here! Any of his characters are accepted, as well as character drawings (but NO FAN FICTION, please. If you'd like to post a link to your fan fiction archive, that's fine, but no actual stories should be posted.)

Have you never dressed up as any of Johnny Depp's characters, but would like to? Post your questions and tips, here! For example, I, puremalevolence cos-play Captain Jack Sparrow and Agent Sands (shown above and below).

Whether it be for Halloween, a con, or just a personal experiment, we'd love to see what you've come up with ^_~

Other characters from Depp movies (i.e. Barbossa, Will, Elizabeth--all of which would be wonderful costumes) are also welcomed. Only please remember to specify which movie the character you're cos-playing is from, and the character name. It -should- be fairly obvious, but...better safe than sorry ;)

What to post for your first visit:

How did you get your costume? (i.e. did you just throw it together? did someone make it for you, etc.)
LJ-CUT whatever images you post, please!

It's simple. If you need help with posting images or figuring out lj-cut just go to the help faq and it will tell you everything you need to know :D