M.W.Wonka (svashtar) wrote in depp_cosplay,

One of God's own prototypes

I'll get the bidniz out of the way: 
Age - indeterminate, but I am more than legal
Character/movie - currently Mr. Willy Wonka (see icon)
How did you get your costume? - bought some pieces via ebay and made the rest.  The cane is Tap Plastics, Target, and Orchard Supply Hardware, pretty much in that order.

I've been Willy Wonka for about a year now, but lately I've felt a need to try out more characters.  As I think glued on facial hair looks cheesy and I cannot grow any of my own, I'm sticking to the clean-shaven Depp.

The next character will be Sands.  I imagine he is great fun to play, and I plan to stagger around WonderCon as Sands next year.

I'd also like to attend a Furry Convention as Raoul Duke, complete with lizard tail.  I figure Duke is Captain Jack with less hair and more drugs.

I will still do Wonka, as he is my alter ego.  Heck, I just got my license plate frame:  Good Morning Starshine, the Earth says hello!
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