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Edward Scissorhands

Age: 22
Character/movie: Edward Scissorhands
How did you get your costume?: These come from the same photoset as the Willy Wonka ones posted below, the "Tribute to the Holy Trinity of Burton Elfman and Depp" photoset that I did with my gf jacquesmoineau at Easter. We couldn't find the effort to do the full Edward-bondage-suit thing as she was only visiting me for two precious weeks in her school holidays (but now she's living here with me we'll probably find the time to do one :D) The shirt and trousers came from some charity shop, some random collars we had, my gf made the hands out of some leather gloves and some throwaway tin dinner plates, and she did the hair and make up... Oh, and my bosom got strapped down with PVC tape. Not comfortable.

And for some reason, photobucket has resized two of the pics to a rather wickle size... *sigh*... I did mention it was being a total b!tch to me...

I pulled off that scowl by impersonating my ex-boyfriend (who looked somewhat like a very sullen Depp.. only good thing about him) in a sulk ;)

More photoshop goodness :D
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