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Willy Wonka

Age: 22
Character/movie: Willy Wonka, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
How did you get your costume?: I got the coat in a vintage shop about 3 years ago, the top hat is about as old, the rest of the clothes I just had, superbly cheap wig and cane came from a fancy-dress place. These pictures were taken by my gf jacquesmoineau at Easter, when we were doing a "Tribute to the Holy Trinity of Burton Elfman and Depp" photoset. My gf bought a load of pick-and-mix sweets to use as props, as it was before the movie, and we didn't have much idea what anything would look like, and had a very limited 'set', being my bedroom. We had a very hard job not eating all the sweets while taking the photos. ;) If the photos don't show up properly, please persevere - photobucket is being a total b!tch to me tonight. :(

This one was of course played with muchly in photoshop. :)

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