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Another post for all the cosplayers out there...

Well, here's the rundown:

Well, it's either Sam or Agent Sands. I'm not sure if my parents will let me dress up as either of them, though. I'm a straight female, so that would be kinda awkward, but I just love the two characters (and their costumes). If girls had better roles, it's mostly the guys who have the best roles.

Re-posting the pictures from photobucket:

Plus, it's Johnny, so how can I resist? LoL. Man is he cute. I'd just love to have him, but that will never happen.  Besides, I think he and Vanessa make the perfect couple. They both seem to love each other soooo much and he loves the children with all his heart.

ANYWAY, enough of my Johnny babble, IF I can actually dress up like this and IF I choose sands,  I can make the "I'm with stupid" shirt in my Graphic Design class this coming up year. That's the only thing I need for his outfit.

For Sam, all I need is that beige vest.

Enjoy everyone!

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