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[13 Jul 2009|10:12am]


These pvc pants are BRAND NEW with tag still attached. Made in Italy.They are in an excellent condition. GREAT FOR Agent Sands!!
They are size (Aus 8)
Price: $20 (not incl. shipping)

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Three cheers and a tiger for us, we won! [15 Nov 2008|08:50pm]

It was a smallish venue called Carnival of Stars; basically just a belly dancing show with a costume contest in the middle.

This was our entry:

The victim had a hot date, so he wasn't able to accept the award with us.
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[19 Apr 2008|04:30am]

Hi there,,,I am a Johnny Depp impersonater,,check out my web site..www.myspace.com/deppalike.

have done most of his costumes now,,my personal fave is Ichabod Crane (totally obsessed with the movie)

Although alot of people would vote for my Sweeney or Cpt jack
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Face without Eyes [02 Nov 2007|10:38pm]

Though I thoroughly enjoyed playing Agent Sands on Halloween this year, I still felt oddly naked without my Willy Wonka accoutrements. Still, when I went with Scabrous Vermicelli (a leather-armored dragon), and DeathWolf (a werewolf) to the local grocery store, I got a really disgusted look from a lady at the check out counter. So it was all worth it.

Image stolen from aaron_raccoon  who is also in the background of the image.


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Meta Quote from DeppImpact [02 Nov 2007|10:33pm]

I'm a fangirl, so I posted my two Depp costumes to DeppImpact.com. This is one of the responses:

In your Willie-outfit you look just as slender and elegant as Johnny does.
Sands is very convincingly bad-ass-y too.
You really got this "something" that makes off-beat characters work.

Kind of a neat compliment. 

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I only have eyes for you [27 Oct 2007|05:17pm]

Here's the full effect of the makeup.  Good god, I love Halloween.
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You've got blood on your face, you're a big disgrace [26 Oct 2007|10:44am]

I'm terrible at the self-timer, as it turns out. When I got into position, the picture was either too blurry, or my head was cut off.

So I did the next best thing to mirror pictures: I held the camera at arm's length and hoped for the best. These are preliminary shots. When I wear this costume at WonderCon (and Halloween Parties), I will dye my hair black and add the eye makeup so that my eyes won't be visible behind the shades.


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I always thought a veruca was a type of wart [31 May 2007|12:29pm]

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One of God's own prototypes [31 May 2007|12:19pm]

I'll get the bidniz out of the way: 
Age - indeterminate, but I am more than legal
Character/movie - currently Mr. Willy Wonka (see icon)
How did you get your costume? - bought some pieces via ebay and made the rest.  The cane is Tap Plastics, Target, and Orchard Supply Hardware, pretty much in that order.

I've been Willy Wonka for about a year now, but lately I've felt a need to try out more characters.  As I think glued on facial hair looks cheesy and I cannot grow any of my own, I'm sticking to the clean-shaven Depp.

The next character will be Sands.  I imagine he is great fun to play, and I plan to stagger around WonderCon as Sands next year.

I'd also like to attend a Furry Convention as Raoul Duke, complete with lizard tail.  I figure Duke is Captain Jack with less hair and more drugs.

I will still do Wonka, as he is my alter ego.  Heck, I just got my license plate frame:  Good Morning Starshine, the Earth says hello!
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Scouting for Depp Cosplayers...! [19 Aug 2006|04:52am]

[ mood | hopeful ]


Tis Your friendly cosplay entertainment director that "themes" and creates "interactive entertainment" experiences for conventions. I know after this summer's movie blockbuster sequel there are alot of cosplayers with a renewed love for the character Captain Jack Sparrow so I'm wondering do any of you working on (or having completed) such a costume live in the Texas (specifically Chorpus Christi) area? We are looking SPECIFICALLY for a Jack Sparrow ONLY at this time. All other character slots have been filled for the production. Sorry. ^^; Becoming a part of the voulenteer cosplay entertainment troupe will gain you the following benefits!

- Free admission for all 3 days of the con
- Access to all backstage areas and break rooms
- Access to the Cosplay Troupe Green Room
- Access to emergency "Cosplay Crisis Equipment" in Green Room
- You will be provided snacks/drinks to keep you healthy and entergetic!
- The chance to work with and socialize with an array of special guests!
( Yes, they will prob. sign anything you want and you won't have to wait in line)
- Quote one of the con directors...
"We'll prob. let them eat with the guests at dinner as well." (more free food)
- Press, Publicity, and Photos galore for your on stage cosplay performances!
- A curteous staff ready to attend your every need for optimum performance!

What you will be required to do as the Captain:

You will absoloutely NOT be just standing and modeling the cosplay. That being said if your shy this isn't the gig your looking for. The ability to voice project is a must, sounding like the Cap'n is a plus, and you will be participating in a brief performance at opening and closing ceremonies... and then there's the obviuos. You need to have a Captain Jack Sparrow cosplay. We don't care what version, as long as it's recognizable and as close to accurate to the film's versions as possible. You will also be spending the majority of Saturday walking around carrying a large jar of dirt. If your interested, please comment in this club entry or the "cosplay casting" journal this post is being made from. You can also e-mail the creative director ( MissCeleste@galaxypro.org ) directly, or send an e-mail into the Asst. Director of Realmscon at ( AsstDirector@realmscon.com ) stating you are interested in playing Jack Sparrow for Realmscon's "Interactive Scavanger Hunt". You CAN be a cross player. (female Jack) We don't care. As long as you can pull off the look and the voice.

Convention Dates: September 15th-17th
Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
Character Role Commitment: Will need you all 3 days of the con
Benefits: Admission, Food, Green Room, Personal Liason, Publicity, No Line/No Wait

Desired Cosplay Entertainer's Reference Picture

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thank you for your time! If you have any further questions feel free to ask!

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[06 Sep 2005|05:57pm]

Hi! I'm new to this and LJ so I hope I'm doing this right; I love Johnny and his costumes (hope to become a costume designer one day). My whole list of planned costume for this next year is nothing but Johnny. I've already done him 3 times (Sands, Wonka and Hanson ala McQuade brother) So here's my best Johnny costume ^___^ Wonka
Character/movie:Willy Wonka, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
How did you get your costume?: Made it all >.< Here’s just the main point that took me a long time making this. Started making the coat, was putting the trim on (still seen on the pocket flaps) decided I didn’t like it, took apart the coat and changed the trim but then I couldn’t get the upper part of the collar to re sew right so a two hour job took 5. Then the pinstripes came….OMG tried to stencil but it did work so every single gold dot of those stripes was painted on but hand. Took me about 27 and half hours.
Need to take better pics. I had been at the convention all day, and my make up is mostly gone and the wig is messed up.

Outside Charlie's house: http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b361/VampiressKat/charliewonka.jpg
Sitting in candy room thinking:
Full pose:
Back of coat:
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[28 Aug 2005|03:46pm]

Hello everyone! I am seconds new to the community, haha.
I think that all of your costumes look great!

I have a few questions concerning Edward Scissorhands. I really want to be him for Halloween, but I have no idea where to start, costume wise. I figure it'd be easiest to just do the costume with the slacks and white button up shirt.

Those who have dressed up as this character before, do you have any advice or suggestions?
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[12 Aug 2005|09:32pm]

[ mood | sickly ]

Age: 22
Character/movie: The Depp Himself :)
How did you get your costume?: Thrown together, as a treat for my gf, photographed by my dad, who's not the best photographer in the world but did a pretty good job with posing me. Sure everyone knows the photo it was based on :)

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Sands [12 Aug 2005|09:26pm]

[ mood | sickly ]

Character/movie: Sands, Once Upon a Time in Mexico
How did you get your costume?: This is less of an official cosplay, it's from a roleplay jacquesmoineau and I did back in May. So it was just thrown together. The 'blood' is watercolour paint ;)

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Edward Scissorhands [12 Aug 2005|09:22pm]

[ mood | sickly ]

Age: 22
Character/movie: Edward Scissorhands
How did you get your costume?: These come from the same photoset as the Willy Wonka ones posted below, the "Tribute to the Holy Trinity of Burton Elfman and Depp" photoset that I did with my gf jacquesmoineau at Easter. We couldn't find the effort to do the full Edward-bondage-suit thing as she was only visiting me for two precious weeks in her school holidays (but now she's living here with me we'll probably find the time to do one :D) The shirt and trousers came from some charity shop, some random collars we had, my gf made the hands out of some leather gloves and some throwaway tin dinner plates, and she did the hair and make up... Oh, and my bosom got strapped down with PVC tape. Not comfortable.

And for some reason, photobucket has resized two of the pics to a rather wickle size... *sigh*... I did mention it was being a total b!tch to me...
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Willy Wonka [12 Aug 2005|09:14pm]

[ mood | sickly ]

Age: 22
Character/movie: Willy Wonka, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
How did you get your costume?: I got the coat in a vintage shop about 3 years ago, the top hat is about as old, the rest of the clothes I just had, superbly cheap wig and cane came from a fancy-dress place. These pictures were taken by my gf jacquesmoineau at Easter, when we were doing a "Tribute to the Holy Trinity of Burton Elfman and Depp" photoset. My gf bought a load of pick-and-mix sweets to use as props, as it was before the movie, and we didn't have much idea what anything would look like, and had a very limited 'set', being my bedroom. We had a very hard job not eating all the sweets while taking the photos. ;) If the photos don't show up properly, please persevere - photobucket is being a total b!tch to me tonight. :(

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Call me over-enthusiastic, if you will... [17 Dec 2004|11:53pm]

Okay, I've cos-played Captain Jack, Sands and Edward (and less officially, i.e. w/o pictures, Sam) now, guess what? (x-posted...duh.)

The Wonkanator!Collapse )
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[23 Oct 2004|08:46pm]

hey. i got a new username. i used to be voicesinmyheadx . feel free to add me. <3

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x-posted like the devil [31 Aug 2004|12:43pm]

As you know, I usually cos-play Captain Jack or sometimes Sheldon Sands at my local ren faire, but this weekend I decided to go a cut above that XD

pictures of me in my edward scissorhands costumeCollapse )
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Another post for all the cosplayers out there... [26 Jul 2004|02:01pm]

[ mood | Talked to one of my boys, yeah ]

Well, here's the rundown:

Continue my cosplaying friends...Collapse )

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